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Connie mangskau on deck overlooking  the ocean in Thailand

From 1960 through 1990, Connie Mangskau’s parties at her beautiful Thai home in Bangkok were legendary. Her guests included visiting royalty, politicians and movie stars. She was a gracious hostess and was loved by all who knew her. Visitors from all over the world depended on Connie to take care of them in this exotic destination. Connie was the type of person that made you feel as though your relationship with her was privileged .

Connie was born in Chiangmai, Thailand in 1907 to an English father and Thai mother. She went to school in Bangkok and later in Singapore where she became a nurse. At 18 she was married to a Norwegian rubber planter and had her first child a year later. Her second daughter was born in Bangkok two years later. Connie was widowed at a young age and worked as a secretary to raise her children.connie Mangskau as a young woman in Thailand

When WWII broke out in Asia, Connie was working for the British American Tobacco Company, which became the Thai Tobacco Monopoly. Her immediate boss was a member of the “Seri Thai” or Free Thai Movement and quickly put both Connie and her sister Jean to work for the underground during the war. Her daughter Greta was sent to Norway to be raised by her dead husband’s family many years earlier. Joanna had remained in Bangkok and was sent to Dalat, in French Indochina to a girl’s boarding school to escape the Japanese. The Japanese imprisoned Connie in Cambodia before the war ended for spying.

After the war, she became friends with Jim Thompson, who was an American sent to Thailand with the OSS. Having similar interests, their friendship grew and they started businesses that were very successful. Jim revived the Thai Silk weaving and brought it into the 20th Century. Connie opened Monogram Antiques which became extremely successful.

connie on lounge in the Thai House

Both Jim and Connie bought antique houses in Ayuddhya, the ancient capital of Thailand and rebuilt them on their respective properties in Bangkok. It was Connie who invited Jim to accompany her to the Cameron Highlands on that fateful Easter weekend in 1967 when he disappeared.

My grandmother showed kindness and care to everyone she met. For her support of the Norwegian community in Thailand, King Olaf presented her with an award.

Connie continued to live in Thailand where she passed away in 1990. Her daughter, Joanna Cross, and granddaughter, Linda Cross, live in Thailand. Her granddaughter MaryAnne Stanislaw, great granddaughter, Katya Lohngoen and grandson James Stanislaw live in California. Her daughter Greta Stokstad passed away. Connie’s granddaughters Wenche (Wallgren) and Mette Stokstad (Jansen) live in Norway with their children (Connie’s great grandchildren), Alexander Wallgren, Irene and Catherine Jansen.

-MaryAnne Stanislaw, Connie's granddaughter.

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